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How to Apply T-Clips

T-Clips are a little bit different from the Seymour Hair Company track extensions, as we can take hair from longer to shorter without the commitment of actually cutting your hair!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

For ideal results, your hair should be layered in order for the T-Clip to blend naturally with your own hair. With Seymour Hair T-Clips, you can make your hair as short as your longest layer.

Natural hair before applying Seymour Hair Company
T-Clip extension.

Step 1

Starting at the crown of your head, part your hair horizontally with a tail comb. Clip the hair above the part for the time being. Tease the hair along the part that you created so that the clips do not slip when put in place.

Step 2

Twist the hair below the part into a bun. Using 2-3 bobby pins, secure the bun into place.

Step 3

Clip the pressure sensitive clip on to the middle of the back of the teased hairline and stretch the T-Clip so that it clips to either side of the head approx. 2" above the top of the ear. Since the natural hair is in a bun, you will need to re-create the hairline by pulling the extension down towards the outside of the hairline and securing the clips against the scalp.

Step 4

Release all of the hair that was clipped out of the way in Step 1 and blend with your Seymour Hair Company
T-Clip extensions.

Step 5

Model wearing "The Bob" 10" Straight, Colour 1B

How to Change the Placement of the T-Clip

You can change the placement of the T-Clip to change the look! For longer hair, wear the T-Clip lower on your head, and for a shorter look, place the extension higher on you the crown of your head!