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The Leadership Team

A Little Bit About the Seymour Hair Company

Welcome to the Seymour Hair Company! We have offices in Edmonton, Alberta (Corporate office) and Vancouver, British Columbia. We are proudly Canadian and needless to say, we are very pleased that you found our website!

Learning from Experience

We are a Mother/Daughter team who, like so many others, were not naturally blessed with luxuriously thick hair. We tried hair weaves but the cost was prohibitive at $300-$400 every 4-6 weeks and the time spent at the salon was anywhere up to five hours for each visit.

We had hair extensions glued in but the cost was just as expensive as the weave, the upkeep was the same and process ended up ruining our own hair. We soon realized that we had been spending a small fortune every month for that elusive thick head of hair. After two years of frustration and a lot of money spent, we concluded that there had to be an easier and less expensive way to achieve the look we wanted.

High quality items at Affordable Prices

We formed the Seymour Hair Company and set about to find the finest grade of human hair available, locate a factory that we could work with to create the best product to offer our customers, and to determine a way to bring our product to market at a cost that would be affordable.

We are proud to say that the Seymour Hair Company has accomplished all of those tasks and that we can offer our customers supplementary hair that is the highest quality available and we are committed to keeping our product affordable to everyone who wants the look of thick hair.

Delighted to Serve You

Whether you are a new or repeat Internet customer or whether you are interested in becoming a Home Show consultant, we are delighted to serve you... So, please explore and enjoy our website and thanks for stopping by!